Peace of Mind: the only place stores all your usernames/emails and passwords for BarcodeLogin to your favorite sites is in your smartphone!

There are two barcode login technologies available through 1. Direct Login; 2. Remote Login.

1. Direct Login Technology: your smartphone can sign you in directly to the destination server without going through your local web browser thus without leaving any trace of your username/password in your computer. This technology can prevent phishing, DNS attacks (fake webpage), keystroke logging, etc. It might be a more secure login technology than 2 Factor Authentication. Yet it is still easier to use than 2 FA. However, this requires the destination server to implement barcodelogin protocol. This will be a perfect solution for a financial institute, an enterprise, a healthcare application, mobile payment, secure transaction, digital signature application, etc. You may try the following two sites for Direct Login Technology: or Both of them have implemented barcodelogin protocol for Direct Login.

2. Remote Login Technology (English version): If the desitnation signin site does not implement barcodelogin protocol, no worry. You may follow the steps listed in Help to install barcodelogin extension in your Chrome browser. Then you shall be able to enjoy the Remote Login Technology. In the Remote Login, only serves as a plumbing to pipe your encrypted username and password from your smartphone to your sign in page in your computer and automatically fill them for you. After you successfully barcodelogined, would remove the pipe immediately. Since the username and password are encrypted during the transport, no one in between nor can see your username and password for BarcodeLogin.

Remote Login Technology (Geek version): provides assistance to establish a peer-to-peer communication channel between your smartphone and the browser that you are using on your computer to sign in to one of your favorite sites. The channel is secured by a PKI infrastructure using a one-time private/public key pair. Only your browser extension possesses the one-time private key to decrypt the information sent by your smartphone. Therefore, has no way to decrypt the information piped through the channel, neither any other man-in-the-middle.

Disclaimer: BarcodeLogin is an advanced technology under crowdsource testing. Although we believe it is a secure, easy and fast way to remotely login to your favorite sites from your smartphone, there might be unforeseen risk that might compromise the security of this newly developed technology. It is advised that you are aware of the potential risk of using this technology. provides no warranties nor guarranties from any potential security risk. No consequential damages can be sought against and

Technology Licensing: For commercial applications, please contact for technology licensing terms. Thank you.